Apr 15, 2015

Lace  -  an everlasting classic and one of this seasons top trends.

It would be just unworthy to call lace a simple "fabric" or to accept it as just another "material".

        Lace has been used and appreciated throughout centuries, it has always been a part of any splendid event or royal wedding. This, seemingly, light and airy fabric has turned out so tough to survive and maintaine it's value from Renaissance till modern times.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the production of lace reached it's all time heights. Lace became a sign of richness and refinement. It was everywhere - from clothing, underwear and accessories to religious and military costumes. Lace became an accessory of luxury. As it became more expensive it was often used in decoration and ornaments in collars, hats, cuffs, wedding veils and scarves.

Today, we see the widest use of lace in skirts, dresses, casual clothing, not to mention wedding dresses and accessories. This season lace can be worn is so many different ways and occasions, from long sleeve full lace dresses to short summer shorts.

Even a small detail of lace can give your outfit a chic and glamorous touch.

A lace dress is a must-have not only for You, but also for Your little princess.

The highest quality of lace makes our Royal Celebration Dress the prefect choice for any special occasion... 

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