May 28, 2015

Welcome to Little Gentlemen’s School - 

The new chapter of our blog where we will post ideas, outfit examples and
other tips that will help every boy to become a real gentlemen. 

First entry will be devoted to vests - clothing item that has been unfairly forgotten about,
but should be included in every stylish gentlemen's closet. 

1# Vests are suitable not only for very official celebrations and events. If you combine them with casual trousers, jeans or shorts, vest can transform simple every day outfit to a chic yet comfortable look.

2# If you want to dress up for a very special occasion, vest is a must. It is the ultimate garment when it comes to celebration outfits. Together with suit and tie it will create the most elegant outfit you could ask for.

3# Don't be afraid to accessorise. Depending on the look you want to accomplish,
 vest will look great together with bright bow tie as well as classic ties. 

4# Buy one of our stylish vests and be a perfect little gentlemen every day.

At Leny Tomy Factory we have different style and colour vests. 
Choose light blue or red for casual summer look or classic dark blue for elegant celebration outfit.


Have a great day!