Jul 22, 2015

Matching styles : Moms and SONS.

We can surely announce that the joy of matching clothes with your children and paying a 
big deal of attention to style is not a girl mom advantage anymore.

Selecting outfit for our sons can be as much fun as picking that special princess dress for your daughter.  No matter what is your own personal style, just with a little thought and the right choices it is possible to develop you own family style and find matching pieces, is it casual, smart or classy. 

Here is some inspiration.
 Too cute, right?

With a matching colour palette the effect is even better.

To copy this trendy look with matching blue vests - Visit our e-boutique!!

It can be as simple as adding one matching item to your wardrobe , 
like a vest or a T-shirt.

Have a great day! 

Jul 14, 2015


On sunny days like this, weekend full of sun, ice cream and fresh berries is all we can think about.

Fortunately there are only three days left till we can enjoy all of that. 

Here is some inspiration that will give you a little taste of it and 
help You plan your perfect summer weekend :


Our light summer dresses will fit this mood perfectly.
Blue light summer dress -  last size left.
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To get more delicious summer inspiration follow our Pinterest mood board - Here

Have a great day!

Jul 9, 2015


                   Leny Tomy Factory offer You an insight in the production of our beautiful clothes which are hand-made in our little dream factory.

                 Here, in the heart of Riga, we put love and patience in every little dress, blouse or jacket. From sketches, to fabric searching and button choosing - we pay attention to every little detail. Our sewers do the magic and step by step the precious Leny Tomy Factory clothes are born. Our workshop is full with colours that inspire us for every day work.

Standards at Leny Tomy Factory are as high as the quality of our textiles are. Exclusive french lace and tulle will soon turn into our top-selling Royal Celebration Dress

Every girl has it's own favourite colour. LTF dresses match every taste.

 Nothing can be done without a close attention of our director Liene.

Wrapped up and ready to delight children all around the world, from London and France to Dubai and United Arab Emirates.

Hand-made in Latvia. 
Quality is our secret key to success.

 And only happy faces can be seen at our shop :) 

Have a great day, smile and delight your children with something nice from LTF - shop here