Mar 28, 2015

Dont let rain spoil your spring spirit!

         We have been waiting for those sunny days and bright colors all winter long. If the weather isnt spoiling us right now, it doesn’t mean we can’t make ourselves feel better, When I think of spring I imagine fresh lemons, nice flowers, positive feelings and never ending sunshine. Is it sunflowers, bananas or yellow napkins on your table – anything yellow will do the job and scare your winter blues far far away.
         Yellow is not only springs best companion and this seasons trend in clothing. It also has a strong symbolic and psychological effect on our health, emotions and wellness. We do lack sunshine and yellow colors, especially here in Latvia, that is why we should use this wonderful colour more often and add it to our daily life with clothing, accessories and home decor.
         If we use this color wisely we can gain many different benefits from it. Here will be few examples.
put some yellow in your life when you want:
   clarity for decision-making
   relief from 'burnout', panic, nervousness, exhaustion
   sharper memory and concentration skills
   protection from lethargy and depression during dull weather
   Use yellow to perk up any blue or pale color pallet.

Yellow color will be a good choice for childrens wardrobe as well, because yellow is known to release a chemical in the brain called Serotonin, which is essential for causing a happy mood. And what could cheer us up more than seeing our children full of happiness and joy! 

Be inspired by these joyful pictures and add some yellow to Your life right now!

Have a sunny and cheerful Saturday with Your family!

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